Contributing Towards a Better Future: Sobeys to Remove Plastic Bags

By Heather Gunn

This news is something we are very excited about – Sobeys Canada has plans to get rid of all plastic grocery bags in their stores by 2020! 

They are another big retailer jumping on the environmentally friendly train and helping Canada move towards a more sustainable future.

If you’re someone who uses plastic grocery bags from the store when you go shopping, and you’re worried or unsure about how to go about bringing your groceries home, don’t worry! It’s easy to switch over to reusable bags. 

Reusable bags can be purchased at almost any grocery store, dollar store, and many clothing and boutique retailers. Get bags that are big enough for your large grocery trips, and have some smaller ones on hand for quick runs to the store.

You can store reusable bags in your home, car, purse or bag, and once you’re in the store to shop, toss them in your cart or basket so you don’t have to carry them around! After you’re home and unpacked, keep them somewhere easy to find and take them with you for every shopping trip.

And if you’re forgetful or don’t have access to reusable bags, the chain said they will have paper bags for customers to use (source).

Reducing the amount of plastic bags being used in society will benefit the environment greatly, and we are so happy Sobeys is making this change.

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