5 Environmental Instagram Accounts You Need to Check Out

By Heather Gunn

Instagram is one of the best platforms to connect with other like-minded individuals, and to follow along with companies/organizations that you hold shared values with.

We’ve gathered five of our favourite environmentally-based Instagram accounts that you need to check out:

@greenmatters (Green Matters)

Via @greenmatters on Instagram

Green Matters is an awesome account that provides news, tips & tricks, and information on all things green. If you want a source for environmental news, this is it!

@natgeo (National Geographic)

Via @natgeo on Instagram

National Geographic is one of the most recognized environmental/nature focused publications in the world. We love their Instagram feed because it’s filled with stunning images of nature and wildlife, and the stories they link to are excellent.

@terracycle (TerraCycle)

Via @terracycle on Instagram

TerraCycle provides fascinating facts on all things environmental/Eco-conscious. The imagery they use is equally as fascinating.

@unenvironment (UN Environment)

Via @unenvironment on Instagram

The United Nations is respected worldwide, and they have various Instagram accounts. Their Environment page is one of our favourites, and the beautiful imagery they post is worth checking out (and following!).

@world_wildlife (World Wildlife Foundation)

Via @world_wildlife on Instagram

WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) is a well-known conservation organization that does outstanding work around the world for sustaining wildlife and the environment. Their Instagram account shares images of animals, landscapes and more, and is absolutely worth checking out if the environment is important to you.

What are some of your favourite environmental Instagram accounts?

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